Angel Fish, Gourami Fish, Guppy Fish, Tetra Fish at Aakar Aquarium Fish Shop


Angel Fish, Gourami Fish, Guppy Fish, Tetra Fish at Aakar Aquarium Fish Shop

Aakar Aquarium is a aquarium fish shop dealing in freshwater fish located in Borivali.

At the aakar aquarium fish shop, one can get a variety of exotic fish, tropical fish and other freshwater fish.

This video is all about the aquarium fish varieties that can be added in planted fish tank setups.

The video focuses mainly on small size aquarium fish varieties like the barb fish, swordtail fish, loach fish, gourami fish, guppy fish, tetra fish and zebra fish.

In this video, we get to watch one of the most uncommon angel fish varieties like the black angel fish and manacapuru angel fish.

Further we get to watch some cool fish varieties like the panchax fish, rainbow barb fish and bumblebee goby fish.

We get to watch four varieties of gourami fish, three guppy fish varieties and around thirteen varieties of tetra fish.

Other than these fish, we get to watch some cat fish, zebra fish and algae eater fish varieties too.

The fish price of each aquarium fish is mentioned in the video.

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The aquarium fish covered
Black angel fish
Manacapuru angel fish
Rainbow barb fish
Santaclaus swordtail fish
Red swordtail fish
Balloon ramarosy fish
Clown loach fish
Panchax fish
Ghost fish
Blue angel fish
Dwarf gourami fish
Cobalt gourami fish
Lily gourami fish
Pearl gourami fish
Santaclaus guppy fish
Koi guppy fish
Moscow guppy fish
Redrainbow tetra fish
Phantom tetra fish
Crystal tetra fish
Colombian tetra fish
Bumblebee goby fish
Hockeystick tetra fish
Rosy tetra fish
Neon rainbow tetra fish
Emperor tetra fish
Otocinclus fish
Algae eater fish
Danisoni barb fish
Sterbai cat fish
Harlequin rasbora fish
Rummynose tetra fish
Julii cat fish
Mountain minnow tetra fish
Zebra fish
Golden zebra fish
Pink zebra fish
Cardinal tetra fish
Neon tetra fish
Congo tetra fish



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