Bird Geniuses – How Smart are Parrots?


Parrots are REALLY smart birds, but what do they really understand? And how does it compare to humans? Please subscribe to continue learning what makes life AWESOME:

Parrots are amazing at learning sounds! There’s a couple clips in here of Star (Yellow Naped Amazon) singing in a very human voice. Parrots can learn behaviors as well just by watching another parrot. But it’s still tough to measure animal intelligence. We discuss social learning that I’ve observed with parrots at work. We also discuss what research has taught us about parrot intelligence, especially via one brilliant African Grey Parrot named Alex. Alex the African Grey could name colors, shapes, materials, and objects, group them into categories, and compare things.

Alex pushed the boundaries of what we believe parrots are capable of learning, but we conclude with the question, “Can we compare parrot and human intelligence?” Spoiler: not in a useful way, but the reason why not is interesting!

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