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Snake and rat fighting

Waw so supervision source

White Hamster in a Green Nest Box

Disclaimer: Mouse does not live in the cage shown in this video. This cage is used purely as a playpen and will possibly be...

force feeding my hamster pepto bismol

alt title: Giving Hunter Bactrim for His URI. He Hates It, He Hates It so Much source

Newborn Syrian hamsters

Hi there animal lovers! Its been an exciting time watching my hamster Duchess go through her 16 day pregnancy and as anticipared she gave birth...

The Weakly News – Legs, Birthday, Massages, and a New Corner (Part 1 of...

For full episode: http://thestream.tv/?p=8527 Angelina Jolie's leg, Iliza's calf, birthday pics, top 5 most profitable companies in the US, Carnival Magic saves a life, creepy...

My pet Rabbit Cinder has Cancer =

Found out some bad news yesterday. Please make sure to spay your rabbits, regardless of gender! source

DIY Dollar Store Hamster Playground! (Fail?) maybe

Hey! Soooo I “tried” to make a playground for my hamster Kiwi but I mean it turned out ok. Give me a break y’all....

WEEK RECAP: New Vets, Gerbil Tank Clean & Grumpy Bunnies!

WEEK RECAP: New Vets, Gerbil Tank Clean & Grumpy Bunnies! Quite a different video style this week - hope you all enjoy! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please like and subscribe...

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