German Shepard Dog Aggression: Meet RED the German Shepard (April 23, 2018)


03 – Hey Dog…You’re OKAY: Dog Aggression: Meet RED the German Shepard (April 23, 2018)

Hey Dog…You’re OKAY: Dog Aggression: Meet RED the German Shepard.

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One year old Red was highly reactive towards other dogs. He has literally pulled people off their feet, lunging aggressively at other dogs, trying to attack them…dogs walking in other directions, approaching him, across the street…to the point where seeing another dog in the distance, he would dig into the pavement to get at them.

Red has been with several trainers in Vancouver, Canada with no improvement whatsoever. Treat/Reward based training was making Red worse…because that doesn’t address the dog’s reactivit(ies)…it detrimentally masks the dog’s psychological dysfunctions.

I have never found a valid excuse for medicating a dog for behavior. Less than 12% of aggression in dogs stems from ‘medical aggression’…psycho drugs tend to put a dog’s mind into a constant ‘fog’. I know exactly why behaviorists are constantly ‘adjusting’ dosages, even if the behaviorists themselves don’t know why. I prefer to ‘get on the ground’ with every dog.

I work alone and there are always significant risks to personal safety…disclaimer: DO NOT ATTEMPT ANYTHING IN MY VIDEO.

Having real world experience with extremely dangerous dogs exceeding 150 lbs, capable of mortally wounding me, I evaluated Red at AABB Level 4/5 (out of 10).

Red was here for one half-day session. It took 57 minutes total time to socially integrate Red. You will hear me talking constantly with Red, Walter and Lincoln. For owners, trainers and behaviorist that support my iconic work, please join my closed ‘Arf Arf Bark Bark Rescue’ facebook group for further insight.

Listen and watch closely because there is a deeper application as to what I am doing. Watch the interactions of all three dogs…study why I speak certain dogs’ names instead of the obvious.

In the words of his dad having seen the raw video, a well known Canadian lawyer and partner; “Wow. That’s amazing. I’ve never seen him off leash with other dogs.”

No medication. No treats. Just a collar and leash.

I read dogs.

I offer mobile sessions, in-house half-day, day, limited space short/long term fee based rehabilitation.



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