Poodle – Top 10 Interesting Facts


TOP 10 interesting facts about Poodle, an active and intelligent dog breed.
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Poodles are believed to have originated in Germany, though they have been known as French dogs for many years. Their name is derived from the German word pudel, meaning “to splash in water.”

Available in miniature and standard varieties, the Poodle breed belongs to the non-sporting classification. Though its direct origin is questionable, it was the French that first bred its different types. Originally used as an aid for duck hunters, the Poodle has become a circus performer, a frequent dog show winner, a guide dog, and a loving pet.

The Poodle is a square-proportioned dog with a proud carriage and elegant appearance. The coat is curly, harsh, and dense, forming a water resistant barrier. If corded, it should hang in tight even cords. The traditional show clips stem from functional and decorative tradition. The Poodle is active, intelligent, and elegant. This breed has a proud bearing and air of distinction.

TOP 10 Poodle facts TIMESTAMPS:
0:13 Origin
0:36 Working dogs
1:02 Sniffers
1:29 Super smart
1:49 Coat purpose
2:08 National dog
2:21 Personality
3:05 Size
3:21 Hypoallergenic
3:38 Grooming

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