What Foods Can Trigger Diarrhoea?


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Greetings, Eric Bakker. It’s good to be back again. I did a recent series of videos just regarding what we do and we don’t know about gut health, and I do apologize. My mouth sounded a bit funny then because I had some dental work done. So it’s a long term process for me to get my teeth fixed up, because they were really bad. As I explained, when I was a kid, it was quite normal to pull teeth out and to excessively drill them, and overfill them with amalgam fillings. And I’m getting my dentation restored not so much because I want to look good; it’s because I want to chew good. And chewing means good pooing. Okay? I’ve talked a lot about this in videos, that when you can chew really well, excuse me, your gut bacteria really benefit from chewing.

Plus, also I want to chew better so I can relax more, because chewing stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system.I’ve learned how to breathe properly. Now I want to learn how to chew properly, and the other parasympathetic dominators are laughing, enjoying yourself a lot more, and resting up, and these sorts of things. So people get dental work done not just because they want to have a Hollywood kind of smile. It’s also for other reasons.

So this video, we’re talking about diarrhea, or loose bowel motions, and the foods that precipitate that, or that are implicated with causing diarrhea. So I don’t really get diarrhea, but I know a lot of my patients get diarrhea or loose bowel motions, and it can be a really big problem for a lot of people. Many people associate diarrhea with parasites, for example. So I commonly see diarrhea with blastocystis, dientamoeba fragilis, and parasites like that, but there are foods that can really stimulate diarrhea and cause loose bowel motions in people. So I’ve got a little checklist I’ll go through here, and I’ll explain these kind of foods.

So a lot of these things you can avoid in your diet. Alcohol, of course, for many people, will create diarrhea. If you’re a regular drinker and you get a lot of loose bowel motions, you may want to back off on the booze a bit. So cut back on wine, and spirits, and beer, and these things, because if you’re drinking every day and you’ve got loose bowel motions, well, that could be the top of the tree for you. Cut this alcohol back. I’m not saying stop all alcohol if you really like a drink, but cut back significantly to see if there’s cause and effect.

The second one, of course, are caffeinated beverages. Now caffeine, for some people, can stimulate the bowel. I know some people like to have a coffee in the morning because it makes them go. It makes them go to the bathroom. Other people can get constipation from caffeine. So I’m not averse coffee, I like a nice espresso in the morning myself. One good cup of coffee, I really enjoy it, but I certainly wouldn’t have three, four, five, six cups a day. So if you’re drinking excess coffee or tea, cut back on the caffeine to see if that’s linked up, including energy drinks and caffeinated beverages.

These things all really mess up the microbiome. They can cause a lot of problems. They can allow yeast to proliferate. So just watch out, because often we have sugar with these kind of beverages. We drink too much, and caffeine stimulates various receptors in the small intestine, so it can really cause loose bowels for some people.

The third category is smoking, like tobacco. Nicotine’s been linked with diarrhea with some people. So if you’re vaping nicotine kind of stuff or you’re smoking and you’ve got loose bowels, there could be a connection there.

The third one, of course, are gassy foods for some people. If you’ve got a really messed up gut, you’ve got low levels of good bacteria and you’ve got imbalanced flora, and you eat brassicas like lots of broccoli, cauliflower, bok choy, Brussels sprouts, foods like this, it can cause not just gas, it can also help to precipitate or to push the bowels into a loose state where you get loose bowel motions, especially so if you’ve got lack of beneficial bacteria.

Spicy foods, chili, cane pepper, or too much garlic, or it could be too much cumin, or far too much tumeric in the diet, some people I see will have two or three teaspoons of tumeric a day thinking the cumin, the tumeric’s going to help them, but it’s too much. Be careful of spicy foods. These are a big one for lots of digestive problems with people.

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