Why Do Dogs Have Dewclaws?


What is dog dewclaws purpose. In this video you will learn, why dogs have them, how they use dew claws and how should you care about them!
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Purpose of the dewclaws:
Actually they are not needed for many usefull things. But there are still some situation, when dogs use dewclaws. For example it helps them to hold onto bones when they eat it or toy when they play. When dog is walking, dew claw is not touching the ground, but when they are at high speed and especially when they are turning, dewclaws are providing extra traction and stabilization. And some dog breed use dew claw to climb trees. It might sound weird, but it is true. Basenji, New Guinea Singing Dog or Catahoula Leopard dog are able to climb trees almost like a cat and they use dew claw to grasp onto tree when climbing

Are there only front leg dewclaws?
No, dogs can have dewclaws on hind legs as well. All dogs have front dewclaws, the hind leg dewclaws are not that common.

What about double dewclaws?
Double dewclaws are rare for most of the dogs. But there are some breeds, that must have double dewclaws. It is their breed requirement. Great Pyrenees or Briard must have double dewclaws if they want to participate on official dog shows.

How to take care about dewclaws?
It is the same as with the other claws. You just need to trim them, if they are too long, most of the time, they will trim naturally. You should never remove front dew claws, since they have a purpose for a dog, but it is not more and more common that veterinarians remove loose hind dew claws to newborn puppies.

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